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We make good responsive websites to satisfy your business needs.


Nothing is better than selling your products on line. More visitors, buyers, and income are waiting for you.

Responsive Design

We always make sure that your website will be able to be accesses anytime, everywhere, and in any devices. We don't want to see you loosing your customers.

Web Security

We offer top quality security for your sites. Transactional data are stored and backed up in the most secure way.


And here is our journey.


Professional Event Photographer


Shirt Printing Service for Business

Sablon Kaos

Shirt Printing Service for Crowd


Global Application Developer is a fast growing startup and we are open for more projects and negotiations.

  • Aug 14 - Nov 14

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The beginning was not simple. We made many applications since we were in college. Didn't know what would happen after our graduation day.

  • Dec 14

    A Company is Born

    We began to create this company from scratch. We had no capitals and experiences, but we struggled to be the best IT Consultant in the world.

  • Jan 15

    Transition to a Real Company

    We decided to be really serious in this business. We accept many projects, but not all them were succeed. Some clients stopped their projects, but some other clients had successfully made a good agreement with us.

  • May 15

    Here We Are

    And here we are. We started to recruit some people to work with us to show our seriousness and consistency in this business.

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Our Amazing Team

Here are the business owners of our company

Gilang Ramadhan A. S

Owner 1 | Lead Marketer

Christophorus Dryantoro

Owner 2 | Lead Developer

We always do our best to develop our clients' desired application, and we care so much about the rapid growth of technology in this world. Let's participate!

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